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tracied's Journal

I'm Just a Girl...
30 April
Expressionate Photography

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This is my journal, my journey, my life. Sometimes exciting, sometimes horribly dull. I am a follower of Jesus trying to do what's right. I fail a lot but I have grace. I am a good friend and I love my boys with my life. I am divorced and I am stepping out into the unknown world of single parenting, and some days my heart yearns and breaks to be in love again, other days I feel like I can finally breathe. I enjoy interesting and thoughtful conversation with a few good friends. I like to dance around my house with the music really loud when I am alone or with my kids. I love to laugh. I love to curl up and read. I could never live away from the ocean. I am a survivor and I am strong. I am a writer, artist, lover of books and music. I am a kick ass boudoir photographer who's made the switch backwards from digital to film.
My journal is locked for privacy, but comment to be added and tell me why you would like to be added and what we share in common.

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